Christmas Gifts and Fat Geese

Christmas is coming, but the goose is already fat. The goose has been on a strict diet of corn and other tasty goose foods (I'm not sure of what exactly, but I'm sure goosey loves it). Christmas is the ultimate time of year for mass overeating and jolliness all round.

Christmas, more traditionally, is the time for celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ - don't forget this as it seems that in the modern day culture it's more important to remember the differences between the latest games consoles than it is to think about the reasons why Christmas happens, every year. In our family, religious we're not, we still have an interest in the roots of why December the 25th is so important, and why we celebrate this most holy of days. We also still enjoy the process of giving gifts, much like the Three Wise Men.

On my Christmas list this year is a total of 3 different items, one being a new pair of glasses. Let me rephrase that, one being my first pair of glasses. I have found out recently that I need a slight prescription to 'take the edge off' and help reduce eye strain at the end of a long day in the office. It's not a very exciting gift, but one I'm quite excited about receiving. In my mind, I'll look as handsome as Clarke Kent, in reality I'll look more like the evil doctor in The Human Centipede 2.

Next on my list is the most manly present I could hope to ever receive; the 'Swiss Champ'. The 'Swiss Champ' is the ultimate offering from Victorinox's penknife range, one with more functions than I'll probably ever know what to do with, but it does have a corkscrew which is useful for my third and final Christmas present request; a luxury wine hamper.

I've been after a quality wine hamper for a while now, one that has a good amount of booze as it does other nibbles. The hamper I've spotted is from the aptly named 'Corporate Wine Gifts' website, it's a great price and one that should keep me fulfilled for at least a day or two. I've had to purchase a number that I'll be giving away as corporate gifts, but I'm sure no one else will mind. The Connolly's wine hamper can be purchased direct from Connolly's on 0121 236 9269, or from their shop in Birmingham.